April Farber Memorial

March 30, 1949 - August 3, 2008

Dear Cuzin’ April,

The news of your recent transition has reached to all corners of the continent and has been met with sorrow and tears. For several days now we have been holding you in our thoughts, our prayers, and our loving. I know the battle must have been hard fought and exhausting. The invasion of the body by this thing we have labeled as “cancer” really goes much deeper than a mere word. It is a metaphor, an invasion by outside forces that requires all of our strength and perseverance to battle. Much like our life in this, the physical world, we must be vigilant and do our best to heal, grow, and love…and do our best to overcome the obstacles that life throws at us. I know that you have done your best and I am proud of you, my cousin.


Your life has been a shining example of “being there” for all around you. As a far distant (geographically) cousin I am very aware and proud of you and all you have done. What comes to mind first and foremost is the loving caring you have given to your parents, Bernie and Muriel, and how you have taken care of them as they have taken care of you. I well up inside when I think of the physical challenges coupled by the un-bounding love that you and the entire family have shared. Though we are 3000 miles away, our hearts are right here, right now…connected and filled with loving.

My earliest memories of you date back to Passover and Thanksgiving family dinners; even the odd Hanukkah dinner at our house with the endless supply of latkes…how many can you eat? The record…somewhere in the 20s I believe. Reading from the Passover haggadah, sipping some festive wine and getting a little silly, playing in the back yard at Rocky and Norman’s, making whirlpools in their backyard pool, and the dinners…oh the dinners, with food to feed the masses; and the kids table where we can be, what else…kids! I remember you wanting to sit at the grownups’ table, to show you have “grownup” – yet, we are all still children at heart. These are just a few random memories that fill my heart as I think of you. And you were there, always helpful, always supportive, and always the big sister to Wayne, keeping him out of trouble (or was it the other way around?).

And now the next generation is here, with their exciting, fresh vision of life. Alissa, Dan, and David, our hearts go out to them at this time…losing a mother, losing a friend…the pain can only be quenched by knowing others are sharing in the same pain, the same grief…and yes, we are. And just the thought of recently learning you are going to be a grandmother and Bernie a great- grandfather as the next generation emerges into the world…the tears can no longer be held back. We must celebrate life…whatever form, whatever manner, and in whatever timing God hands to us. Yes, its bitter-sweet but this new addition to the family will be blessed and will come to us with honor and with sweet memories of you.

Lifelong companions, friends, lovers, parents, and partners…Barry is by your side, the loving husband, the strength and support you have come to rely on. He is here; he is holding you in his heart as we hold him in ours. We smile as we remember, we laugh as we remember, we love as we remember…forever in our hearts.

May God bless you, keep you warm by His side, my His love be your comfort as it is ours. May our cherished memories of you endure forever. We love you, we honor you, and we bless you.

All our loving,

Ron and Tracy Bernstein


Robert Forrest Tribute

Out..Out..brief candle!...life is but a walking shadow.....and the shadow is no more......leaving us to continue in our petty pace from day to day.

Why didn't Shakespeare light candles, like we do?

After receiving the news early this morning via Barry's e-mail to Juliet in Maine, (we only have a computer at the studio), we sat stunned for awhile gathering our thoughts and our tears; and have spent a bleary eyed afternoon reminiscing and empathizing with those who have walked so strongly by her side for so long and now must continue on without her. The pain of Barry, Bern, Wayne, Alissa, David.....and the list goes on and on... must be overwhelming. In what has been said many times at our gatherings; this is a family, thanks be to Bern and Muriel and all the others, that set the standard for closeness, tradition and family togetherness. May they have the strength to endure this sad and premature loss.

As a cousin who still remembers April in a highchair in Riverdale mashing up food....to the accomplished adult professional...to the young mother of two extraordinary children...to the gracious, cheerful, warm, sweet, and generous host of so many wonderful family events....we have witnessed the complete cycle.

It is sad and hard to believe that their is no more April.

And so on this sad sad day......... Rocky also died August 3rd. Also early in the morning. Exactly eight years ago today....we reflect on life...and look forward to a good hug.

Love Robert and Pari


June Stanley's Memories

My summers, Thanksgivings, and Passovers were all spent with April and I sharing secrets, staying up until all hours of the night, and laughing til the sun came up under pillows and sheets. I had the unique joy of spending many nights throughout all our growing up years in April's room with her. I am still in shock. I want more than anything to be a part of this with all of you. But, I have to stay put and succumb to this rather limited physical shell.

David will be up there to represent me as best he can. I am grateful he is going. Meanwhile, I will be there in spirit and soul, remembering all the wonderful times we had together.

From the Larchmont Gazette

The Farber family mourns the passing of April Farber, age 59, from cancer-related complications, on August 3. Beloved mother of Alissa and David, loving wife of Barry, sister of Wayne Forrest, and daughter of Bernard Forrest.

April brought love, light and laughter to all who knew her, and she will be deeply missed. April was deeply committed to civic service, and served three terms on the Larchmont Mamaroneck Board of Education, was president of the local League of Women Voters, and Chairwoman of the Larchmont Mamaroneck Human Rights Commission.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin (BA) and Yeshiva University (MS), she worked as a special education evaluator for the Greenwich Ct. school system.

Services will be held on Tuesday, August 5 at noon at Larchmont Temple. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to one of her favorite charities: The Anti-Defamation League, Susan G Komen for the Cure, or Team Continuum for Cancer Survivors. JOHN J. FOX FUNERAL HOME, INC., 2080 Boston Post Road, Larchmont, NY 10538, (914) 834-0144, www.jjffh.com

April Farber: Served Community, Friends & Family

by Cheryl Lewy

(August 14, 2008) April Jill Farber was an educator, community volunteer, public servant, mother, wife, daughter, listener, and doer. (See: Obituaries: April Farber.)

AprilFarberBorn in 1949, April lived in Riverdale briefly before moving to Ardsley, where she grew up. April attended Mount Holyoke College, transferred to and graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Madison as a Psychology major, received a masters degree from Yeshiva University, New York in Special Education and did post-graduate work at Teachers College, Columbia University. April worked for the Orange (Connecticut), Mount Vernon (NY), and Greenwich Public School systems as a special educator and educational evaluator; she also worked for Manhattanville College in Purchase as an adjunct professor. April was a dedicated educator who enjoyed working in the field of education and helping students achieve their highest potential both in the classroom and outside of it.

April moved to our Larchmont/Mamaroneck community in 1987 and became an active participant of life here. After getting settled in and integrating her children into the community, April herself joined in and became involved with community and civic organizations. Her father, Bernie Forrest, had been active in politics and government in Ardsley and the Town of Greenburgh and so April followed his example and interest. Always one to support ideas and information, she joined the local League of Women Voters and in 1993-95 was co-president of the Mamaroneck League. April then ran and won a position on the Mamaroneck School Board and served in that capacity for three three-year terms for a total of nine years. April chose to break the tradition of two terms because she felt a strong commitment to our schools and to making them ever better and stronger. In her capacity as a school board member, she served as board secretary and vice president, as well as serving on various committees including the Mamaroneck Avenue Task Force and Building Committees, liaison to HRC, Hommocks and High School planning councils and the Teacher Institute.

April rounded our her community involvement by serving as a School Board Selection Committee Member, a Children’s Corner Board Member, and a member of the Larchmont Temple Youth Board.

April was an exceptional woman with great interpersonal skills. She was a good listener and asked deep and probing questions. After she listened she had the ability to thoughtfully consider all sides of an issue, and ask a wide range of people for their thoughts. She then would develop wise solutions to problems whether they were academic, educational, personal or social to achieve resolutions that satisfied many and were incredibly fair and even handed for all. She treated all mankind, students, parents, friends, and strangers with a fairness, dignity and respect that was greatly appreciated and recognized by those who worked with her.

In her final work as Chair of the Human Rights Commission, Town Supervisor Valerie O’Keeffe hailed April as a “good woman” who treated all with patience, dignity and respect. April worked hard to find the right balance for the Human Rights Commission in our community. She analyzed the role the Commission should play. She even had long discussions about the meaning of the word “Commission” and how that should play into the by-laws and role that Commission should play. April also worked hard to make the January Martin Luther King celebrations meaningful and important for the Larchmont Mamaroneck community.

April was a wonderful mother to Alissa and David, and wife to Barry Farber. Indeed, she was a devoted mother, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, and friend. She enjoyed scuba diving, tennis, biking, needlepoint, dancing and singing, calligraphy, and piano playing. April was an active tennis player and could be seen at Harbor Island’s bubble for years, at Debbie Frank exercise studio, and out and about in the community.

April lived her life to the fullest for as long as she could. She enjoyed laughing and learning, and being an active member of our community; she loved celebrations and holidays, and perhaps most of all, traveling and spending time with her wonderful group of friends and family.

In addition to her husband Barry, she is survived by her daughter Alissa and her husband Dan Restuccia; her son David and his fiancé Genna Gurkoff; her father Bernard Forrest; her mother-in-law Nettie Farber; and her brother Wayne Forrest, sisters-in-law Jean Seibel and Varda Farber, brother-in-law Neal Farber, nephew Dani Farber, and nieces Jamie Forrest and Arielle Farber.

April will be missed as a valued member of the Larchmont/Mamaroneck community. Her smile, dedication and spirit will be remembered by all and her good deeds will go on to help a large part of our community for many years.

Larchmont/Mamaroneck Human Rights Commission Martin Luther King Program, 1/14/09

Tribute to April Farber

Good evening. My name is Robin Nichinsky. I feel honored to speak tonight in memory of someone very special -- former Human Rights Commission Chair April Farber.

I first met April in the 1990ís, when she was President of the League of Women Voters and I signed on to help with their newsletter. That was the first of many occasions when our paths would cross.

I later knew April from her work as a member of the Board of Education. Some tough issues came before the board during those years. Nonetheless, April was an educator by profession and her love of education and commitment to public service led her to seek a rare third term on the school board. She dedicated a total of 9 years to our schools.

When April came off the school board, I was chair of the Human Rights Commission. April had served as the school board liaison to the Commission, and I knew she was exactly the kind of person the Commission needed Ė smart and hardworking, someone who could help bring people together. I also suspected she would welcome a chance to continue her community service Ė and I was right! She readily agreed to join the Commission - her only concern was that our meetings not conflict with her regular tennis game with her husband Barry. Aprilís devotion to Barry and her children Alissa and David clearly trumped all -- I can still recall her excitement and delight when she first learned that Alissa was engaged to be married.

When I left the Commission to join the school board, April was the natural choice to step into the role of Chair. Despite concerns about her health, she agreed to take on the job because the Commission really needed her. We had some long conversations that year, and would consult with one other and trade advice. I know I got the better part of that deal!

April took on the Human Rights Commission chair role with the same energy, commitment, intelligence and good nature that she brought to all of her work. In particular, I know that she sought to not just maintain the status quo, but to establish a vision for the Commission and its place in the community.

It is a terrible tragedy that April was taken from us far too soon. Today, we hope that Aprilís example will inspire others to follow her path of public service, and we remember her many accomplishments. We also remember April for what she believed in Ė human rights, education, advocacy for those who need it, the importance of friendship and family. She was hardworking and kind, striving to make our community vibrant and strong. I feel honored to have known and worked with April Farber over the years. I know I speak for the Commission as well as many others in expressing my gratitude for Aprilís many contributions to our community -- and to her family for sharing her with us. Thank you.